Working Together – Send us your clients and we’ll take care of the rest!

We understand the importance of building relationships with local real estate professionals.  We are committed to making the building process as straightforward as possible for you and your clients.  Simply register your clients with one of our New Home Specialists and then rest assure they will be well cared for throughout the process, from pre-qualification to closing.  And because they're buying a new custom home, you won't have to worry about overcoming the challenges that agents often face with existing home sales.

Educating Agents – We want to make you look good!

“Green Building” is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s market.  With us, it’s more than just a catch phrase.  Each of our homes is built with a specific focus on sustainable construction.  The concept can be daunting which is why we’ll provide you with the materials you’ll need to confidently sell your client on a custom, energy-efficient home.

Custom Built – Let them make it theirs!

When your client buys one of our homes, they get the opportunity to personalize nearly every detail of the home, inside and out.  We offer an abundance of environmentally conscious materials to choose from so every selection your clients make is a step towards a greener build.  Both a project manager and sales specialist oversee the selection process to ensure your client’s budget is closely protected.

Build Times – Are we done yet?

The most challenging aspect of new home sales for any agent is keeping the client engaged while the home is actually being built.  Once we’ve passed the initial permitting phase of any build our goal is to complete the home in less than 90 days.  We understand that waiting is the hardest part for most buyers, so we include them throughout the process.  They'll also have several opportunities to visit the home site so they can see the progress in person.

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